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Bird Be Gone

Bird Be Gone

Why Bird Control?

Birds can become a nuisance when they choose to roost or nest in unwanted areas. Birds, bird droppings and nesting materials can negatively impact your surroundings by creating health and safety risks, or detract from a building's architectural features. Installing bird control products is a humane way to deter birds from landing, roosting or nesting.

Here are some of the main reasons why bird control is important:

♦ Birds, bird droppings and nesting materials carry transmittable diseases and ectoparasites.
♦ Bird droppings are highly acidic and can stain and corrode building materials.
♦ Birds can contaminate food production and inventory when they nest in warehouses.
♦ Regular cleanup of bird droppings can cost businesses thousands of dollars every year.
♦ Bird nests can clog drains and pose a fire risk near lighting or other features.
♦ Bird droppings can be a liability by creating a slip and fall risk.

The longer birds are allowed to nest or roost in an unwanted area; the harder it will be to get them to leave. It’s important to take a proactive approach when dealing with pest birds. In the long run, it can save you time and money.

S-5 Snow Retention System

S-5 Snow Retention System

Why ColorGard®? For a perfect color-match that lasts the life of the roof!

The sudden and unexpected release of snow from the roof can be dramatic, posing a serious threat to property and passers-by. ColorGard® dramatically reduces the risks associated with rooftop avalanches and maintains the clean colorful appearance of the roof with perfect color and finish matching, which lasts as long as the roof itself!

ColorGard® is the only snow retention system designed and engineered on a site-specific basis; guaranteed to perform, to not damage the roof or finish, and to exactly match the roof color—for the entire life of the roof.

ColorGard's perfect color match is guaranteed for the life of the roof. None of our competitors dare to stand behind the performance of their own products this way.

Leaf Solution

Leaf Solution

Why is leaf solution the best product on the market?

Leaf Solution is said to be one of the best gutter protection systems out there and Downeast Seamless Gutters couldn’t agree more. Leaf Solution is easily installed on existing gutter systems, both old and new.

Leaf Solution’s gutter guard is backed by a 100% “no clog” guarantee and your complete satisfaction is assured through our money back guarantee. The product is made in the USA from only the finest materials out there. All products are tested and checked for compliance by arduous quality standards.

The product is designed with a medical grade stainless steel mesh, used to prevent debris from collecting in your gutters. Thus there are no holes, slits, louvers or other openings. The Leaf Solution gutter protection has 3 downward dips that ensure it will take a large volume of water and not over-pour the gutter.